About me

There is an old adage – “What’s in a name”?  Well, quite a lot as it happens! 

I changed my name a few times…

I was born Robin Sullivan (a free-spirited Irish descended, happy and energetic young girl with many interests and hobbies). I then became Robin Jackson when married – a somewhat strong and masculine name, which was rather fortuitous because as a struggling single mother in my 30’s and 40’s juggling both work and parenting, donning both masculine and feminine hats, I needed that strength and then some.

Then, a few years ago I became Rani Jackson. Rani, a name bestowed upon me by some very special children in India. Orphans living in a children’s shelter that I became ambassador to. It means Queen or Queenly, I felt humbled yet strangely accepting of this name. Like it was a title I was growing into….

Very recently, I substituted Jackson for Merrifield. It is my maternal grandmothers’ surname, she was descended from a long lineage of Merrifields’, a sea faring folk from Cornwall, England. The first time I visited England I went to Cornwall and was totally captivated by the wild beauty of the wind-carved coastline and craggy cliffs. Stepping into the stumpy ruins of the fabled Tintagel Castle from the King Arthur legends, I was instantly transported to a time of immense feminine beauty, wisdom and power.

I knew that Merrifield for me was another name to grow into…… a name that aligns me with my ancestral roots in English soil, steeped in mystery and magic and deep power. It opens a portal into another world and time and offers a connection to the mystery of Sacred Feminine Power and the Sovereign Soul.

Recently I turned 60. That somehow gave me permission to claim whatever hell name I liked! There’s a certain power that comes when you hit 60 and have had/are still having a fantastic life! A sort of confidence creeps in that says – Hell yeah I’m Queen, I’m Sovereign woman….i’ll take the highest name I’m due and do it proud 🙂

So I, Rani Merrifield, proudly present Sovereign Soul Art and welcome you wholeheartedly to my new name, website and business. Sovereign Soul Art is art designed to access sovereign feminine power and creativity to extract deep soul wisdom for artistic expression for both the artist and the viewer.

My own journey with painting is a new-found path that meanders and twists, plods up mountains and speeds downhill, revealing a winding road where the view is speckled with flowers and meadows and oceans and forests, surprises at every turn!

I don’t ever set out to intentionally paint “something”, leaving instead spaciousness for the great mystery to reveal what is already there in potentiality, waiting to be brought into form through the interplay of paint, heart and hands. Each painting is a complete surprise and wonderment of an intuitive outpouring of the creative spirit and perhaps of what lies dormant within as creative potential and hope.

My hope is for you to join me in the sharing of this art journey and soul to soul exchange, through my paintings and if you are called to learn, through your paintings too.