Painting together using techniques from Flora Aube’s the Art of Allowing Process, allows for the most divine creations from your soul to emerge. No two painting experiences are ever the same, every painting an internal barometer of what lies deeper below the surface and perhaps what is calling you, beckoning you at the time. What is wanting, waiting to be birthed through you and the creative process.

Students are often amazed at how easy it is to produce beautiful works of art even with no or limited painting experience. It is all thanks to She, the muse that guides and informs the unfoldment of each precious painting. 


* Painting with the divine feminine as muse (1 or 2 day painting course). One on one or in small groups

* Painting your spirit animal (1 or 2 day painting course). One on one or in small groups.

* Online courses for both are coming soon.


Lily Garance Bourgeois

“I did a two day painting course with Rani, through guidance, meditation and intuition I have created a painting that will forever bring me power and joy”

“Rani is an extraordinary woman as well as a brilliant facilitator she has a lot of patience and guidance which really made me feel comfortable”

“I highly recommend doing this course to get in touch with your inner Goddess and to explore your creative side.”

Can’t wait to do it all over again!

Hayley Mackay

I loved doing the one day art process it allowed me to find my spirit animal”

I was really happy when this wee fella shone through. After the recent fires in Australia where so many koalas lost their lives- it was so special to meet this one. I love this painting.”

It was fun and I recommend everyone to book into this course for a rewarding and soul enriching experience